About Us

True Friend Management Support Services started in 2015 is a Chennai based Indian Company engaging in business Support services. TFMSS operates in niche technology driven business verticals with a global presence in 11 international markets through subsidiary companies.

The creative media division of the TFMSS consists of strategists, designers, programmers, managers and creative-heads fully equipped to produce a range of marketing and communication tools from conception to completion. TFM Digital offers web strategy consulting and works as an outsourced digital marketing team. TFM helps implement a Web Strategy & Social media Systems for clients.

The Overseas Business segment handles Brand promotion and liaison services . Through a family of apps and services, TFMSS is building a different kind of company that connects business around the world. Helping them create new products or services while expanding reach. TFMSS global teams are constantly solving problems for business to migrate borders.

True Friend Print Media Services thrives on the extensive years of production in both racked, digital and distribution print media.

The Software Outsourcing Business division offers services in cloud Technologies and big data analytics. It is involved in the provision of cloud technologies and management know-how to universities and charities in the areas of student life-cycle management, data management, fundraising , and business intelligence.

True Friend TV Broadcast Media offers the best services in Television Broadcast with advanced technical and creative skills.